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About The
 Film  Festival

Birmingham Anime Film Festival is a season that will bring high quality Japanese anime titles to midland audiences. Japanese cinema is one of the most vibrant, varied and exciting homes of cinema on the planet. One of most visionary genres of Japanese cinema is anime. A unique combination of animation, violence, sci-fi, folk tales and dystopian futures. A real feast for the mind and eyes, anime is much more than animation for the masses.


For our season we have partnered with Millennium Point and Tokyo Toys, with the kind support of the BFI to bring this season to the midlands. 


The season has a clear potential to attract new or under-served audiences in the midlands to Japanese anime cinema.  The season will celebrate Japans anime film heritage with fun interactive events, cosplays screenings and audience interaction that helps audience members to contextualization and enjoy the best of anime. Fun, smart and assessable cinema is our goal here.

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